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WDHOF Member Roster Detail

Paula M. Jerman , 2001

Tech Diver: Paula is the past president of the Long Island Divers Association and produced their annual film festivals and educational seminars for the public. She has been a PADI specialty instructor for over10 years. Paula is dedicated to promoting all aspects of scuba diving; she lectures at dive clubs and seminars, coordinates charters (including AquaWoman dives), and has helped to preserve important local dive sites. She has been actively involved with the Moriches Reef Project and served on their board. Paula has been featured in various articles related to dive education, safety, conservation and general promotion of the sport. Paula was inducted into the Woman Divers Hall of Fame in 2001. She is a recipient of the BTS Diver of the Year Award (2001). Paula actively participated in working with children with terminal cancer to give them the opportunity to try scuba in a camp program. She has a following in the dive industry and is often asked for advice and opinions by other divers. Paula has crewed for local dive charter boats and has dove on shipwrecks in the 280-foot range. You would find Paula out on the dive boat every weekend during dive season.