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Dr. Jolie Jolie Bookspan , 2000

Jolie earned Master’s and Doctoral degrees in exercise physiology and underwater physiology, a fellowship in cold immersion, and post docs in saturation decompression and altitude. Eleven years of her work involved unraveling the results of extension of oxygen tolerance research in humans. She taught anatomy at a college in México in the mountains where the entrance exam was getting up there without a nosebleed, and has conducted intensive work in cold chambers and other areas. Jolie is the author of many books and papers; of particular interest to divers are the books Diving Physiology in Plain English, Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Review For Physicians, and Hyperbaric Medical Review For Board Certification Exams, CHT / CHRN. She is a Martial Arts Hall of Fame Black Belt, and former undefeated full-contact ring boxer.