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WDHOF Member Roster Detail

Michelle Pugh , 2004

Michelle’s love for the ocean, passion for exploration and environmental activism has guided her diving career since 1970. Michelle was the first woman to teach PADI classes in Moscow, Russia. Michelle was also the first woman to dive with Killer Whales (Orcas) in the Johnston Straights in Canada in 1979. She did this to photograph them in the wild underwater for a book called Orca: The Whale Called Killer" by Erich Hoyt. Michelle is the founder of Dive Experience St. Croix’s oldest originally owned dive center.She spearheaded "Project Anchor Away" which established dive moorings throughout St. Croix and serves as a testament to her vision for protecting the marine environment. Michelle's involvement on the Fisheries Advisory Committee and her work to create the East End Marine Park is part of her continued concern for the US Virgin Island marine life.