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WDHOF Member Roster Detail

Adina S. Ochert , 2006

Adina Chief Biomedical Scientist in Immunology, supporting 4 hospitals in the UK. She was in the British Territorial Army Infantry as a Class One Medic with ALS certification. Her interest is researching wrecks of historical importance, many in adverse and extreme conditions. Adina has made hundreds of technical dives in the UK and around the world, including the noted expedition to the battle of Jutland in water temperatures of 6 degrees C while operating for many days 70 miles offshore and co-led the HMS Vandal project which involved working at a depth of 100 meters on a wreck covered in net and line in near zero visibility for several days. As expedition co-organizer, she successfully identified how the HMS Vandal sank. Adina’s record dive to 473ft on the HMS Victoria established her as the world’s deepest female diver. Adina has also earned outstanding recognition for her photography, journalism and feature articles and for presenting expedition findings to diverse groups including English Heritage and the Ministry of Defense.