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Women Divers Hall of Fame announces a competitive grant of $5,000 for women conducting research on the sustainability of marine or freshwater species or communities impacted by climate change.

In the context of this award,  "sustainability" is the ability of a species or community to maintain itself or adapt to climate change or other environmental stressors.   It is not limited to research on adaptation to stressors or mitigation of impacts, and can include basic research at the organism, species, or community level, as well as the development of technologies and predictive models related to sustainability of marine or freshwater species or communities.    


·      The application system is Google-based.  Applicants need to have or create a Google mail account to complete the application and upload required documents (i.e., academic transcripts and 2 letters of recommendation).

·      The online application cannot be saved while preparing it.  You will not be able to complete the application unless all required questions have been completed. 

·      See below for the hyperlink and URL to the PDF of the application.   Please use this PDF as a template to review the information that you need to prepare and submit to complete the online application.

·      You can edit your application after you submit it.    You will receive an email acknowledging submission of the application; in the email will be a link to get back to your application.  Please save that email!

·      All applications require two letters of recommendation.  

  • One letter must be from your supervisor.
  • The second letter should be from someone who is also familiar with the project your are proposing.
  • The letters must be uploaded to the application by you (and not your recommender). 
  • Please request the letters of recommendation early, so that you can complete your application. 

·      No applications will be accepted after the deadline.   No exceptions.

·      To help you prepare the online application, please refer to the PDF template (link and URL provided below), so that you can complete the online application in one sitting, after you have the documents you need to upload.

·      After submitting your application, you will be emailed a copy of your responses to the email address in your application.   Please save this email!

·      You MUST apply online; emailed applications will not be accepted.


Step #1 Open and download the Application Template

·      If this hyperlink doesn’t work, copy paste this URL into your browser: 

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ky4JucIJmzzEmMqK8aE_u3xSTbpFE8aQ/view?usp=sharing·     
  • If it still doesn’t work, try another browser.

·      Download and save as a PDF or convert to another format.

  • Review and use this form to prepare for your online application.
  • There are word limits for ‘paragraph’ responses. Please keep in mind that reviewers will be reading many applications: those that provide the most important information in a succinct manner often make the best impression. If you exceed the maximum word limits (if limits are indicated), points may be taken from your score.

Step #2 Obtain Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

  • One letter must be from your supervisor, on official letterhead stationery.
  • The second letter should be from someone who is also familiar with the project your are proposing--and also on official letterhead stationery.
  • The letters must be uploaded to the application by you (and not your recommender). 
  • Give your recommenders enough time to write a recommendation. Ask early: you cannot complete and submit your application without uploading two letters of recommendation.  YOU will do that; your recommenders will not have access to your application and they cannot upload their letters of recommendation directly.  
  • If your recommenders are reluctant to give you a copy of their recommendation letters, you may want to ask yourself why; perhaps she/he would not be giving you a strong recommendation.   If you are adamant about a recommendation from that reviewer, please ask the recommender to contact wdhofgrants@gmail.com.  This is a last resort; it is STRONGLY advised that you upload your two letters of recommendation.   We expect a large number of applications; if you upload your letters of recommendation, they can be easily linked to your application.    If they are emailed, they may be missed and your application will be incomplete.

Step #3 Obtain Academic Transcripts

  • An official academic transcript of your graduate (and undergraduate) studies is required.  If you have only been a graduate student for less than 2 years, you must also submit a copy of your undergraduate transcript.   See application for more details.

Step #4 Complete Your Online Application (emailed applications will NOT be accepted!).

  • Click on “Online Application
  • If this hyperlink doesn’t work, copy/paste this URL into your browser: https://forms.gle/FvqYJJaRFpgFLwrF9
  • If it still doesn’t work, try a different browser.
  • Complete the form online (you can refer to the application template PDF).
  • You must press ‘Submit’ to complete the Application.   (You will still be able to edit your application, as long as you saved the link to it.)
  • You will receive an email copy of your Application as submitted. Please save this email as documentation that your application was submitted.

Troubleshooting:  If you experience difficulties with web navigation, please first try a different web browser, and/or exiting and restarting your current browser.  If you have trouble getting to the linked pages by just clicking on the hyperlink, try copy-pasting the URL into your browser.

If the problem persists, please copy any error messages and direct any questions to wdhofgrants@gmail.com.