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One more IMPORTANT thing before you start...

The WDHOF 2019 Scholarship Application: Step #1 Preparation. Read this entire page carefully to be sure your application is not rejected.

    IMPORTANT: This form will time out in about 20 min from the time you open it. We suggest you review the form, review the criteria for the scholarship/grant that you’re applying for, prepare your long answers and then come back, refresh the page and start the application process. You can only apply for one scholarship/grant. If you apply for more than one your applications will be invalid.

    If you still need longer than this, you can stop at anytime, click the SAVE button at the bottom and use the link provided to work on the form at your leisure. Please make note of this link; you will not be able to get back to your application without it. Do NOT start a new application. If you neglected to note the link, please email wdhofgrants@gmail.com.

    AFTER you complete the application, you will be given a link to edit the application, a link for your letters of recommendation (2 are required for all applications) and a link to check the status of all uploaded attachments. Again, please make note of this link!

    You can can edit your application as many times as you need until the midnight October 31 EST deadline. There is no final submission. We will review the most recent one after the deadline.

    If you get an error, please stop there, copy the error message, and send it to Shirley Pomponi at wdhofgrants@gmail.com.

Prepare by being ready to answer these questions and submit this information...

  • Name and contact information, gender (many of the grants are only open to women) , and age (some grants are age specific)
  • Are you currently in school?
  • Are you currently receiving financial aid, or do you expect to receive financial aid in 2018-2019?
  • Are you enrolled in degree program and not applying for a trying for a training grant?
  • What is your highest level of education completed?
  • Education: You will need to provide details of your education history: diploma, certificate, or degree awarded; date; name of school awarding the diploma/degree/certificate.
  • If you are applying for a scholarship, prepare to upload a copy of your most recent academic transcript after you complete the form.
  • How did you learn about the WDHOF?
  • Have you ever applied for and/or received a WDHOF Scholarship/Grant?
  • Your personal biography: You will be asked to enter (or cut-and-paste) a personal biography, resume or CV detailing activities relevant to the scholarship/grant to which you are applying. Please review the scholarship/grant description, and be sure to include your profession al or personal goals relevant to the scholarship/grant to which you are applying..
  • Describe how you plan to use the funds. Be specific. If you are applying for a scholarship, include a detailed budget. If you are applying for a training grant, describe what classes you plan to take, and if equipment is part of the award, detail what equipment you plan to purchase.
  • Are you a certified diver? If you are a certified diver, please list all scuba certifications and include: level of certification, training agency which issued the certifications(s), certification number(s), date(s) issued, and instructor name(s). If you are applying for the Morgan/O’Neill Underwater Photography grant, you will be asked upload a photographic portfolio that is representative of your work.

After you submit your form you will see this message: Two letters of recommendation are required for all scholarships and grants. The letters of recommendation should be from individuals who can comment on your qualifications and your likelihood of success in meeting your goals related to the scholarship/grant for which you are applying. They should not be from your parents or friends. You are responsible for contacting your referees and ensuring that they submit their letters of recommendation by the due date (October 31, 2018 at midnight U.S. Eastern Standard Time). Please send your referees the link below so that they can upload their recommendation letters, and please make a note of the link, in case you need to re-send it. Letters of recommendation should NOT be uploaded by you. This is an important part of your application package, so please choose your referees carefully; make sure that they will agree to submit their letters by the deadline. There will be no exceptions or extensions to the deadline if your recommenders do not submit their recommendations by the deadline. WE CANNOT STRESS THIS POINT STRONGLY ENOUGH. And only TWO letters of recommendations are required; do not request more than two. We will only accept the first two recommendations that we receive.